About Us


Natural Chic's is an independently owned and operated hair salon that provides services for Natural Hair clients(also relaxed). I am proud to pamper Clients from anywhere in the World. Natural Chic's understands the mind-body-spirit connection in hair care. I can create the look that you want or rebuild hair that has been damaged by stress, relaxers, and environmental factors.


Premium Products

  1. Influance Hair Care
  2. Etae
  3. Paul Mitchell
  4. Patric Bradley 
  5. Pravana
  6. Jane Carter
  7. and more exclusive products


Healthy Hair Specialist

Specializing in the health of your hair, with our customized regiment that we formulate for your hair. That will leave your hair long, luscious, and most importantly healthy. 

Now Introducing

Patric Bradley Naked Relaxer/Texturizer for those who still prefer chemicals. Great product 

15% off Relaxer and Texturizers