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Did You Know............

  1. Anything that stimulates blood circulation promotes hair growth.  This is why hair tends to grow faster in Spring and Summer months.
  2. The active ingredient in most hair relaxers is Sodium Hydroxide. Did you know that this is also the active ingredient in hair removers such as Nair and is also used in drain openers? People please don't try this at home....Call a professional..ME(smile)
  3. Dandruff and dry scalp are two entirely different things. A good shampoo and conditioner will take care of the dry scalp, which is 'flaking'. Dandruff shampoos are entirely unnecessary and inadvisable for dry scalp.  Dandruff is a serious health issue and requires medical attention and prescribed medication. The 'flakes' are actually oily, not dry. Very few people have actual dandruff and you would know it if you did. If you have experienced dandruff , did you know that some foods in your diet can further irritate your condition?
  4. Traction Alopecia(also known as tension hair loss) is a form of gradual hair loss caused by pulling of the hair. For example by braiding, weaving or possibly rubber bands installed too tight. Sometimes if the hair is pullled too tight too often hair will not grow back in some cases.
  5. Everyone’s hair has the same structure no matter whose head it’s on? That’s right, all human hair consists of three main layers which include the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla.
  6. Transitioning takes time and Patience,,,, You have to let go of those relaxed ends.
  7. That hair at the bottom will come off eventually,,,, So you will never see growth with those bad ends.
  8. Co-Washing can cause build up(which causes hair to expand and break) and add to much protein to the hair. Shampoo is there to help cleanse the hair and scalp.
  9. Shea Butter helps increase elasticity in the hair. Hair needs elasticity.
  10. Just because you are natural does not mean that every style works in your hair..............................


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