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Natural Chic's Rule Da World

Natural hair has become very popular now a days (some call it a TREND). People are starting to realize and see that they like there own Natural texture better than relaxed. I have no Beef with relaxers (I still offer chemical services to those who do not want to switch) but I will say over time they will destroy your hair and cause damage even cause chemical burn. There is so much out there now for Natural people. The hard thing is finding which ones work for your hair. It is a tough process when transitioning (BE PATIENT), but you have to hang in there and follow your hair Regiment. Moisture is very important, and so is treatments, and trims (LET GO OF THOSE RELAXED ENDS, YOU WILL NEVER SEE GROWTH IF YOU DO NOT GET RID OF THE BAD ENDS). You will go through major changes being natural, and the big chop is not all that bad it is more of a MENTAL adjustment. HAIR IS AT WAR WITH TWO TEXTURES, AND RELAXED ENDS WILL SNAP OFF!!!!                    

                       FIRST IMPRESSIONS, LASTING RESULTS!!!!

Natural Chic's 

Why Natural?

Why not Natural? It is easy workout hair, it's beautiful, and much more healthier (if properly taken care of). So many have turned and still are turning away from relaxers. Do to non-growth, hair loss, and even scalp irritation. There are many styling options available for your hair.





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